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All pages of this website can be printed by selecting the 'Print this page' button on the top right. Additional leaflets and factsheets you may find helpful are listed below.

Most of them are in Portable Document Format (PDF).  To read PDF documents, you need to have Adobe Reader installed .  This software is free to download and use.

Finding the Care That is Right For You

Information about care services to support older people living in Scotland.

Alzheimer Scotland Factsheets

A range of factsheets about help for people with dementia, their families and carers.

A guide to self-directed support in Scotland

Leaflet from the Scottish Government about how to apply for direct payments to enable you to purchase your own care services.

The Scottish Pensioner's Guide

A booklet from the Department for Work and Pensions about the benefits available for older people in Scotland.


Information for people affected by stroke, their families and carers covering subjects including health, care and financial assistance.

The NHS and You

Leaflet from Health Rights Information Scotland that tells you what you can expect from the NHS, and what the NHS expects of you.

Making a complaint about the NHS

This leaflet from Health Rights information Scotland explains how to complain using the NHS complaints procedure.

Confidentiality - it's your right

A leaflet that explains your rights to know who holds personal information about you. This person or organisation is called the data controller.

Consent - it's your decision

This leaflet tells you about your right to make decisions about your care and treatment. You can accept or refuse any treatment, examinations or tests, and you can decide whether to take part in research.

Caring and Consent

A leaflet about your right to be involved in decisions about the health care of the adult you care for (this is a guide for paid and unpaid carers of all ages).

How to see your health records

You have the right to see or have a copy of your health records.  This leaflet is for people who use the NHS in Scotland.  

Health care in Scotland for UK passport holders living abroad

If you have a UK passport and you live abroad, this section tells you how you can get health care from the NHS when you are in Scotland.

Health care for UK pensioners visiting Scotland

Information on how to get health care from the NHS when you visit Scotland.

Your guide to free NHS eye examinations in Scotland

This leaflet gives information about free NHS eye examinations in Scotland for all UK residents. The leaflet is also available on the Scottish Government website as a text only file.

Coping with dementia - a practical guide for carers

This book contains information and advice for people who care for someone in the middle to late stages of dementia (moderate to severe dementia).

Taking positive steps to avoid trips and falls

Health Scotland booklet looking at ways of preventing falls - care of eyesight, feet, activity and coordination, balance and strength, creating a safer home, what to do if you fall, and where to get help.

Are you entitled to help with Health Costs?

The Scottish Government has produced two publications to assist you in understanding what you are entitled to and what help is available with costs.

One in eight care

Scottish Government leaflet to advise carers to sources of support and advice and advertise the new legislative measures for carers contained in the Community Care & Health (Scotland) Act 2002.

A users guide to self-directed support in Scotland - full guide

This Scottish Government guide offers advice to people who are thinking about being in charge of their own social care support, or who are already doing so, but have questions about the process.

Getting help with caring for someone with dementia

Leaflet from Alzheimer Scotland explaining how to and where get help if you are caring for someone with dementia.

It's okay to ask - getting the most out of your health care appointments

This Scottish Government leaflet provides advice on preparing for health care appointments and asking questions during appointments. Questions concern diagnosis, tests and treatment. There is also a checklist and a space for notes.

Keep warm keep well - a guide for people over 60

This leaflet provides information about maintaining good health during winter. It offers advice on getting financial help, saving energy and money and staying well.

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last updated 26/08/2013