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Care inspectorate

What is the Care Inspectorate?
What does the Care Inspectorate do?

What is the Care Inspectorate?

The Care Inspectorate is an independent body that works at arm's length from the Scottish Government. The Care Inspectorate was set up by the Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010 (Part 5) to help improve care services in Scotland. Their website gives more details about their work,  the services they have registered, inspection reports about services and details of any complaints and any actions the Care Inspectorate may have taken against specific services.

What does the Care Inspectorate do?

The Care Inspectorate registers care services in Scotland such as care homes, day centres and services that provide care in a person's own home.  The Care Inspectorate inspects care services to make sure they are providing quality care as set out in legislation and the National Care Standards. It investigates complaints and has enforcement powers it can use to make sure poor quality services improve.

The Care Inspectorate gives care services quality grades (from 1 - unsatisfactory to 6 - excellent) based on their inspections against four quality themes, which ensure the: quality of support and care, of the quality of environment, the quality of staffing and the quality of management and leadership. These grades are published on the Care Inspectorate website and in their inspection reports so that people can see at a glance how well services are performing against the National Care Standards.  You can access inspection reports through their website or you can phone them on 0845 600 9527 to request a copy.

last updated 07/03/2014